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wantstonomonyou's Journal

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Arioch was once a loving mother and wife in the world of Drakengard and lived in a vast elven community...until she saw her loved ones brutally slaughtered by ruthless Imperial soldiers. This drove her to madness, carnage, and cannibalism.

Her pact partners, Undine and Salamander--one fire elemental and one water elemental--had found her held prisoner in an Imperial gaol in a desert. In exchange for making a pact with them, Arioch had sacrificed her fertility. (The tattooed mark that symbolizes their pact is on her abdomen.)

Soon after escaping from her captivity, she tries to devour a mute Union Soldier but Verdelet, a holy patriarch on choosing who bears the seal that unites and protects their world, subdued her.

She followed them and the other allies they've made on an epic quest to put an end to the destructive Empire, who are controlled by the Cult of the Watchers...

Extra stuff to know...

-"Arr-ee-oash" is the way her name is pronounced.

-She can be quite violent in melee combat! She can be seen carrying her curved and razor sharp sword anywhere she goes

-Undine and Salamander act more or less as quiet servants in her command mostly (their impressive magic attack methods can clear out an area of foes quickly and efficiently). However it's not very important to them whether she lives or dies. The one female voice and one male voice both speak in a singular mind, and at times speaks as the sane voice for Arioch.

-Will most likely attempt to bite and eat you alive on sight if you're an adult, so you'd better approach with caution!

-Will at first seem like a caring woman who would want to adopt you, if you're a cute and nice young girl or boy...

-She is 24 years old, and ages the same way humans do. In her world, humans and elves are seen as close relatives and all are treated equally by many--except the members of the Empire.